Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Updated 2008 Rankings From Political Buzz - The Democrats

Here are latest Political Buzz rankings of the '08 Democratic contenders. The GOP will be up tomorrow.

Feel free to give us your opinion of the '08 race, as well as what you think of our rankings. Have your own list? You can give us that as well.



Hillary Clinton - ­
By finally announcing her presidential intentions, Hillary is now able to get past that roadblock and fully prepare her campaign. H has no doubt been working behind the scenes to counter the rise of both Obama and Edwards. But now is when she must use her momentum to gently strike back at those two with the full force of her multi-million dollar war chest. Post-SOTU is a crucial time for Hillary, as the first debate draws ever closer and the Dem field will be completely set. Attacks on Obama and Edwards must come in February.

Barack Obama - ­ ↑
If Barack Obama were most candidates, he would be reeling from Hillary’s official entrance into the ‘08 Dem field. But, as we all know by now, Obama is not like most candidates. His wild popularity and constant buzz carries him through this temporary abandonment by the media and the general fanfare of Hillary’s announcement. Though he did make a blunder in delaying his announcement until earlier this month (with the official word not coming until 2/10) Obama can still make the best of it by getting an early jump on an anti-Hillary campaign and generally camping out in New Hampshire until the debates. Only a true bombshell will bring Obama down.

John Edwards -

The buzz is gone. Edwards ‘08 loses steam even as his poll numbers stay strong. He’s almost assured of winning Iowa with his high numbers and is also respectable in the Granite State. But no one is talking about him. The two flashy Dems steal the spotlight with great sound bites, big announcements and lots of cash. But JRE is on the cusp of getting the unions; a big win. Can his populist image sustain the outright popularity of Hillary and Obama?

Tom Vilsack -
­ ↑
Like Edwards, assured of a great Iowa showing. That always counts for something. Beyond that, though, there’s no chance for a Vilsack upset. But he’s done his best to bang the anti-surge drum and to spread his folksy charm around. Always bound for a VP slot, he’s got the best chance of the also-rans. Wouldn’t a moderate white man from the Midwest look good traversing the country for Obama or Hillary? No doubt they think so.

Joe Biden -
His showy Senate hearings on Iraq - his only chance to boost his presidential campaign - already have lost substance. Outside of the ambush of Condi Rice, they’re simply a cheap ad for Biden ‘08. Maybe he can turn them around. Numbers are low for this talkative Dem, with most still not knowing who he is (what?!). Will fight for a Veep slot along with Vilsack and Richardson.

Bill Richardson -
Along with Hillary, the latest Dem to enter the race. His foreign policy cred alone is enough to warrant a strong look as VP. Combine that with his friendly image, great record as NM Gov. and his Latino background story and you have the perfect Veep. But a minority won’t work with Hillary or Obama, leaving Richardson hoping for an Edwards upset. What about his chance in the primaries? Never mind…



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