Monday, January 22, 2007

The Buzz

The latest political headlines-

  • Bush's SOTU tomorrow night will be deja vu all over again. His two main themes in the speech will be Iraq and alternative energy. Hmmm. Weren't they already covered last year? And not much has changed on either front.

  • SOTU "pre-buttals" have already begun. Dem presidential candidate Tom Vilsack issued his today. It's - what else - harsh on W: "It's hard to conceive of an administration that continues to advocate for reduced taxes for the wealthiest Americans, and continues to fund billions of dollars to reconstruct Iraq, and then simply asks middle class families to pay more in order to ensure the birthright that every American ought to have, which is affordable insurance coverage," Vilsack says.

  • Mitt Romney takes more hits from the right. It's a nice synopsis of why Mitt is "not for conservative voters". Brownback's stock just shot up...


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