Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Buzz

The latest political headlines-

  • Hillary wants a troop cap for Iraq. Her appearances on several morning shows today were filled with disdain for Bush's new Iraq plan but little observation on how to actually stop it.

  • Speaker Pelosi raised her verbal war with Bush over Iraq troop surge to a new level yesterday. She stopped short of pledging to block the plan, but the impression she left was unmistakably harsh. `What you are doing has first and foremost cost now over 3,000 lives".

  • McCain wants to make peace with Christian conservative powerhouse James Dobson. Their latest feud had Dobson pledging to work to defeat JMac in the primary. This comes after McCain's early pandering to the Christian right.

  • GOP candidate Duncan Hunter and his posse are jubilant over his AZ straw poll victory in JMacs' home state. “He’s just been a very strong, solid, conservative Republican".


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