Sunday, January 14, 2007

2008: Obama Set to Announce?

The Obama '08 campaign may finally be ready to launch sometime next week, with BO hinting at a decision and inside sources calling it a sure thing that BO's in for 2008.

The first indication appeared on the website Political Wire (great stuff), with Goddard divulging that an inside "tipster" give PW the info that Barack Obama will announce his 2008 campaign on the Oprah Winfrey show next Wednesday.

A tipster with knowledge of Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) presidential campaign planning hints that an official announcement may be made on the Chicago-based Oprah Winfrey Show this week.
The Oprah schedule for Wednesday, January 17 says to "check back later" for more details on the show. Since all shows are taped in advance, this suggests something is up.

And then on Face the Nation on CBS this morning, Obama hinted that he will decide whether to run "very soon", while refusing to give a timetable for an announcement.

"I will have something to say about that fairly soon," Obama told Bob Schieffer. "Obviously, there's been a lot of talk. It's something that I've been considering. I've said I've been considering it. And we'll be making an announcement fairly soon."

Very coy, though much more than the usual "I'm thinking about it". It all adds up...

Obama also had a mini face-off with John McCain on FTN, with JMac appearing right before BO came on. It was the perfect situation for them to show off their respective Iraq strategies. It was the usual stuff from these two, with McCain sticking hard to the surge plan and Obama slinging criticism at it without offering a real plan of his own. But it is increasingly hard to interpret JMac's love of the war/surge as anything more than naive stubbornness. Iraq will bring him down in the general if he doesn't change his strategy. And who better to derail the 'Straight Talk Express' than Obama?



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