Friday, January 26, 2007

Political Buzz has moved!

With work on the new site progressing faster than expected, PB i can now officially announce that we are moving to (be sure to bookmark it!)

The site is greatly improved and will soon have even more great political content. More interviews, outside opinion columns, and updated news feeds are some of the new features that should be up on the new Political Buzz shortly. This site will only be used in the sort term if unforeseen hiccups are encountered with the continuing work on the new site.

New posts will be up on PB later today and continuing regularly from now on. So head over to to see the new site.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Political Buzz News

The erratic posting schedule that regular PB readers have probably noticed over the past few days has a good reason behind it. We are in the process of greatly upgrading Political Buzz and heading off to a new web site and address. This move won't be final until at least early next week, and we won't fail to give you the correct specs for the new site before that time.

Some exciting content will make its debut on the new site, with a new email newsletter, brand new "5 Questions" interviews, and exciting opinion content in the works. This won;y be available right away, but should be up soon once we're on our new page.

In the meantime, just hang tight as we try to post when we can until the move. Thanks for reading PB, and we hope to see you at the new Political Buzz ASAP!

Matthew Parker - Editor

Hagel Smackdown

Can't help but applaud the bold moves of GOPer Chuck Hagel at that explosive Senate hearing on Iraq yesterday. Yeah, he's been at that for a few months. But this was beyond his previous rantings on the subject. This time it came with the backing of several influential GOP politicians (like Sen. Warner. Who saw that coming?) and the rest of the nation. And despite coming from conservative and troop-supporting Nebraska, his constituents are rallying behind his position.

This is one pol that the Bush administration and the right can't put down as unpatriotic and far left. Could this even be Iraq's Cronkite moment? Moderates get a healthy dose of respect from the American public these days, and Hagel fits that definition perfectly. One also has to wonder whether Chuck an ride this wave to a strong run in the '08 GOP primaries (he can't win the nomination in his current position of bashing GWB). He's still thinking about a campaign.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SOTU: What to look for

Though the SOTU seems to lose importance with each passing year, this year may be different. The obvious reason for that is Iraq. Though Bush will probably lay off any heavy Iraq talk, his tone will be the thing to watch for. Early indications from the leaked portions of the speech are that he's going for the combative approach. If this holds up look for catcalls from the Dems post speech, along with lots of angry disillusionment from moderate GOPers.

They're looking at Bush's SOTU as the perfect platform for W to at least spout off a little rhetoric about eventually leaving Iraq, implementing some of the ISG reports recommendations, and generally acknowledge that he hears the growing Republican discontent with the war and the new surge plan. With it looking more like that won't happen, GOPers will be sure to ramp up the pressure on the Bush administration post-SOTU to come around and bargian with surge opponents.

The reaction of Dem '08 contenders are also sure to be interesting to see. Will Hillary finally really blast the war and semi-apologize for her pro-war vote? If not, will Edwards seize the moment and direct a blistering attack on both Bush and Hillary in order to solidify his position as the most vocal anti-war candidate? No doubt Obama will tread lightly, not wanting to risk bold statement just yet. And check the web for video statements from the whole '08 cast. Sure to be lots of goodies online.

Updated 2008 Rankings From Political Buzz - The Democrats

Here are latest Political Buzz rankings of the '08 Democratic contenders. The GOP will be up tomorrow.

Feel free to give us your opinion of the '08 race, as well as what you think of our rankings. Have your own list? You can give us that as well.



Hillary Clinton - ­
By finally announcing her presidential intentions, Hillary is now able to get past that roadblock and fully prepare her campaign. H has no doubt been working behind the scenes to counter the rise of both Obama and Edwards. But now is when she must use her momentum to gently strike back at those two with the full force of her multi-million dollar war chest. Post-SOTU is a crucial time for Hillary, as the first debate draws ever closer and the Dem field will be completely set. Attacks on Obama and Edwards must come in February.

Barack Obama - ­ ↑
If Barack Obama were most candidates, he would be reeling from Hillary’s official entrance into the ‘08 Dem field. But, as we all know by now, Obama is not like most candidates. His wild popularity and constant buzz carries him through this temporary abandonment by the media and the general fanfare of Hillary’s announcement. Though he did make a blunder in delaying his announcement until earlier this month (with the official word not coming until 2/10) Obama can still make the best of it by getting an early jump on an anti-Hillary campaign and generally camping out in New Hampshire until the debates. Only a true bombshell will bring Obama down.

John Edwards -

The buzz is gone. Edwards ‘08 loses steam even as his poll numbers stay strong. He’s almost assured of winning Iowa with his high numbers and is also respectable in the Granite State. But no one is talking about him. The two flashy Dems steal the spotlight with great sound bites, big announcements and lots of cash. But JRE is on the cusp of getting the unions; a big win. Can his populist image sustain the outright popularity of Hillary and Obama?

Tom Vilsack -
­ ↑
Like Edwards, assured of a great Iowa showing. That always counts for something. Beyond that, though, there’s no chance for a Vilsack upset. But he’s done his best to bang the anti-surge drum and to spread his folksy charm around. Always bound for a VP slot, he’s got the best chance of the also-rans. Wouldn’t a moderate white man from the Midwest look good traversing the country for Obama or Hillary? No doubt they think so.

Joe Biden -
His showy Senate hearings on Iraq - his only chance to boost his presidential campaign - already have lost substance. Outside of the ambush of Condi Rice, they’re simply a cheap ad for Biden ‘08. Maybe he can turn them around. Numbers are low for this talkative Dem, with most still not knowing who he is (what?!). Will fight for a Veep slot along with Vilsack and Richardson.

Bill Richardson -
Along with Hillary, the latest Dem to enter the race. His foreign policy cred alone is enough to warrant a strong look as VP. Combine that with his friendly image, great record as NM Gov. and his Latino background story and you have the perfect Veep. But a minority won’t work with Hillary or Obama, leaving Richardson hoping for an Edwards upset. What about his chance in the primaries? Never mind…


Monday, January 22, 2007

2008: New Dem '08 Poll has Hillary in Front

A new USA Today poll of Democratic presidential candidates has Hillary Clinton retaining her lead over the likes of Obama and Edwards.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barack Obama

John Edwards

Yet another national poll with Hillary solidly in command. But the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire have H struggling to place even second. Does this mean that H will crumble once voters really think about her as president? Or maybe her huge deficit in always zany Iowa is a mere blip that will eventually be righted in the streets of Manchester. Cash is bound to start flowing from Hillary's coffers ASAP as she attempts to make that turnaround happen.


The Buzz

The latest political headlines-

  • Bush's SOTU tomorrow night will be deja vu all over again. His two main themes in the speech will be Iraq and alternative energy. Hmmm. Weren't they already covered last year? And not much has changed on either front.

  • SOTU "pre-buttals" have already begun. Dem presidential candidate Tom Vilsack issued his today. It's - what else - harsh on W: "It's hard to conceive of an administration that continues to advocate for reduced taxes for the wealthiest Americans, and continues to fund billions of dollars to reconstruct Iraq, and then simply asks middle class families to pay more in order to ensure the birthright that every American ought to have, which is affordable insurance coverage," Vilsack says.

  • Mitt Romney takes more hits from the right. It's a nice synopsis of why Mitt is "not for conservative voters". Brownback's stock just shot up...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

BREAKING: Hillary's (finally...) In!!

Hillary Clinton finally ended the breathless speculation about possible harrowing political scenarios by officially joining the '08 presidential race. Her announcement came this morning with a bouncy message on her website. Can't wait for Obama's response.

You know after six years of George Bush, it is time to renew the promise of America," Clinton says in a videotaped message in which she invites voters to begin a dialogue with her on the major issues health care, Social Security and Medicare, and the war in Iraq.

"I'm not just starting a campaign, though, I'm beginning a conversation with you, with America," she said. "Let's talk. Let's chat. The conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don't you think?"

And with that, the 2008 campaign is now in full swing.

2008: Richardson's In

NM Gov. Bill Richardson joined the ever-burgeoning list of Dem candidates in 2008 yesterday as he announced his plans for a campaign. The official word will probably come tomorrow.

The foreign policy cred of Richardson is not far from impeccable (what other '08 contender from either party can claim that he personally negotiated to stop genocide in Africa? Golden!), and should make him an attractive wild card as Iraq and Mideast policy come into focus as major 2008 issues. But his name recognition remains low - despite his war-halting jaunts around the globe - and he's got nothing on domestic issues. His late entry into the race and the presence of the Dem's big three - Hillary, Obama and Edwards - makes BR's effort little more than a plea for a Veep slot with a star.

Hillary and Obama appear the best fit for "VP" Richardson. His easy going public persona will help to ground the Hillary campaign, while his foreign policy experience will strengthen Obama and his 2 years in the Senate.


2008: Obama - Fundraising Machine

Remember when members of the political punditry were ogling Barack Obama yet were concerned about his personal fundraising prowess in the face of the Hillary juggernaut? Well, just as the rest of the Obama '08 campaign is rolling along unimpeded, he is already raking in cash and stealing donors from under Hillary's nose. Close friends and past supports of HC are streaming to join Obama's campaign, bringing their bulging and always open checkbooks along for the ride.

Obama continues to shred Hillary's NY support base, and now will head out to Hollywood to scratch together some funds. That should be no problem, as pro-Obama Hollywood fundraisers are in the planning stages.

Powerhouse agent Ari Emanuel, whose client stable includes A-listers like Michael Douglas, Martin Scorsese, Larry David and Paris Hilton, is set to throw a sure-to-be-star-studded bash for Obama, D-Ill., next month.

A spokesman for the Endeavor agency head confirmed Emanuel "will be doing some sort of event (for Obama) in February."

DreamWorks SKG moguls Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, along with activist actors George Clooney and Barbra Streisand, each forked over $2,000 to Obama's 2004 Senate campaign, according to, a Web site that tracks celeb contributions.

As if stealing Hillary's friends in NY and LA weren't enough, Obama is also strong on the internet fundraising front, with a Dean-style support web site and PAC already formed. All is truly well in Obamaland.


Friday, January 19, 2007

2008: Edwards Update

John Edwards blew through PB country last night, stopping in Orlando for a fundraiser. Besides gobbling up some much needed campaign cash, JRE also continued his biting criticism of the Democratic party that he sees as lethargic "8-year-olds".

He was predictably unsatisfied with George W. Bush. But he also had some less-than-flattering things to say about his own party. Specifically, Edwards chastised Democratic leaders in Congress for their non-binding resolution opposing the troop build-up. If they are truly opposed to the build-up, Edwards said Democrats should put back their words with action by voting against funding measures. Because, if complaining is all the Democratic leaders want to do, Edwards asked: "Why don't we go stand in the corner and stomp our feet like an 8-year-old?"

While some--like Dick Morris--may see Edwards as the liberal downfall of the Dems and simply a more popular Dennis Kucinich, JRE is absolutely striking a chord with the Dems (that would be all of them) that are angry at the troop surge and equally angry with Hillary for sputtering a few minor catcalls at W over it.

Look for JRE's Saturday speech in Iowa to be an attempt to lock up that state for the January caucuses and legitimize his recent Dem bashing.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Buzz

The latest political headlines-

  • Dem John Edwards steals the spotlight from Hillary and Obama in a new Zogby Iowa poll. JRE has a commanding lead over BO, with Hillary even further back. Rudy is basically tied with JMac in the GOP side of the poll.

  • Rumors are piling up that Hillary will not run for president this time around - maybe never. There seems to be dozens of reasons for H to cancel her plans, with Obamamania being only the biggest. Will she really pull the plug? It's laughable that "Hardball" pundits say that she'll nix a try in '08 because she "enjoys the Senate too much", but she is stalling something fierce.

  • GOP '08 possibility Mike Huckabee will decide his presidential plans in February. Huckabee's peeps: "He has said he will make it at the end of his book tour, which is in a couple of weeks".

  • Dem Kerry is still considering an '08 run, with an announcement as to his intentions coming in a few weeks. With so much opposition to another Kerry campaign, one wonders why he would torture himself yet again unless he wants to top JMac on that issue).

2008: New Iowa Poll!

The latest poll out of Iowa shows McCain continues to trail Rudy and Hillary still unable to sway Cornhuskers.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani leads the field of GOP presidential prospects in Iowa, followed closely by Arizona Sen. John McCain, according to the latest Iowa poll from Zogby International.Meanwhile, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards remains atop his party’s field in Iowa, with the next closest presidential hopeful 10 percentage points behind.

Edwards is no doubt the surprise out of Iowa, with Obama at 10 points back being the next Dem in line. Will his populist charm really win over Iowans come caucus time? Hillary's lethargic campaign must be worried about this early deficit. In the extended election season that is now the political reality, one year is not that long. To ignore Iowa like hubby Bill appears to be her strategy, but the scene in NH is no better. Besides, wasn't it supposed to be a Hillary landslide across the country?

As for McCain, he's still trailing in IA and looks like he won't stabilize in New Hampshire, with polls there showing his support base halved by Rudy and Mitt. Look for another last stand in Carolina to be JMac's final hope.