Saturday, January 20, 2007

2008: Richardson's In

NM Gov. Bill Richardson joined the ever-burgeoning list of Dem candidates in 2008 yesterday as he announced his plans for a campaign. The official word will probably come tomorrow.

The foreign policy cred of Richardson is not far from impeccable (what other '08 contender from either party can claim that he personally negotiated to stop genocide in Africa? Golden!), and should make him an attractive wild card as Iraq and Mideast policy come into focus as major 2008 issues. But his name recognition remains low - despite his war-halting jaunts around the globe - and he's got nothing on domestic issues. His late entry into the race and the presence of the Dem's big three - Hillary, Obama and Edwards - makes BR's effort little more than a plea for a Veep slot with a star.

Hillary and Obama appear the best fit for "VP" Richardson. His easy going public persona will help to ground the Hillary campaign, while his foreign policy experience will strengthen Obama and his 2 years in the Senate.



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