Monday, January 15, 2007

2008: Romney Update

While Mitt continues to struggle with his ideological identity crisis, he has gained the backing of a Bush. No, not that Bush. But one of the Bush brothers appears to be funneling support to Mormon Romney in the '08 horse race. Key Jeb Bush operatives from FL are joining the early stages of the Romney '08 campaign in New Hampshire, and other FL politicians close to Jeb - former Lieut. Gov. Toni Jennings and Rep. Allen Bense - are also on the Mitt bandwagon. That's an impressive lineup of conservative Republican support in a key general state. No help in the primaries, however. Maybe Jeb himself will eventually lend a hand to gobble up nationwide GOP voters.

But that might not help too much as long as big questions remain over Romney's political turnaround. GOPers are still not comfortable with his many liberal leaning statements from past campaigns in the left wing bastion of Massachusetts. Reading the list of bills and various initiatives that he supported in Mass. looks like it could mean the end of the Romney campaign. But he's not going away. The Hotline even has Romney ranked 2nd (ahead of the faltering Rudy) in their latest 2008 rankings. It's no doubt because Mitt is the only '08 conservative candidate - fake or real - that conservatives will actually feel okay about supporting. But how long will it be before the constant viewing of Romney's pro-choice outburst in his 1994 debate with Ted Kennedy on YouTube gets to these desperate right wingers?



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