Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2008: Will Hillary Make a Move on Iraq?

Speculation is swirling around the possibility of a major Hillary event to come after Pres. Bush's speech on his Iraq plan tonight. A tough and critical response to W's speech seems the perfect opportunity for Hillary to not only get back in the spotlight that she has vacated for Obama and Edwards to enjoy, but also to gain favor with the burgeoning number of Dems that are uncomfortable with H's pro-war leanings and who want out of Iraq right now.

Hillary's Iraq problem (great Newsday piece) will not go away until she confronts the issues and either takes a Lieberman stance or join Ted Kennedy in calling for cutting war funds. She's already in the precarious middle ground of moderation, which has no doubt hurt her campaign and delayed her inevitable '08 announcement.

Watch for a Hillary response on Iraq by early next week.



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