Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2008: One notebook left behind...

Poor Rudy. What a mess... The GOP front runner for 2008 bungled big time when he lost lost his '08 campaign playbook; literally a large file containing everything on Rudy's presidential ambitions - his hopes, fears, donor hit-list, everything. It was left to be forgotten on a Rudy campaign swing pre-midterms. Then, apparently, a henchman for a rival GOP candidate nabbed to doc, proceeding to let loose its contents upon a ravenous media. Rudy's posse smells foul play - big time. .

The loss of the battle plan is a remarkable breach in the high-stakes game of presidential politics and a potentially disastrous blunder for Giuliani in the early stages of his campaign.
The document was obtained by the Daily News from a source sympathetic to one of Giuliani's rivals for the White House. The source said it was left behind in one of the cities Giuliani visited as he campaigned for dozens of Republican candidates in the weeks leading up to the November 2006 elections.

Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel suggested there were political dirty tricks behind the loss of the documents and called the timing suspicious.

"I wonder why such suspicious activity is occurring and can only guess it is because of Rudy's poll numbers in New Hampshire and Iowa," Mindel said.

Juicy tidbits in the Daily News article, too numerous to mention here. Bottom line is that Rudy needs to clamp down on these types of things when he is "officially" running. Good thing it was a GOPer who got it. Can you imagine what Hillary would do with that info?


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