Saturday, December 23, 2006

2008: “Shouldn’t you be the vice president first?”

A semi-fawning NYT article on the tribulations of Barack Obama and his impending presidential decision. The piece relates how BO's six-year-old once asked the question that's screaming inside the head of Hillary and Co.:

On a winter afternoon two years ago, Senator Barack Obama took his oath of office and strolled across the Capitol grounds hand-in-hand with his wife and two daughters. At the time, a question from his 6-year-old sounded precocious. Now, it seems prescient.

“Are you going to try to be president?” Malia Obama asked her father, giggling as a television camera captured the moment. “Shouldn’t you be the vice president first?”


The article tries to expand on the real issues that an Obama '08 campaign would face. Those include dealing with left-wing liberal upset with his sometimes moderate Senate votes and good relationship with Republicans, getting actual support - not lighthearted praise - from top Dem donors and pols, and, obviously, the issue of his experience. Or, more appropriately, his lack of it.

Is Obama actually ready for a run? Or is he to be mowed down by the vengeful Hillary?



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