Friday, December 22, 2006

2008: Edwards Update

Burgeoning Dem contender John Edwards has apparently changed his plans concerning his presidential campaign announcement next week. He has nixed the idea of an announcement from Katrina-ravaged New Orleans and has instead bowed to political reality and has scheduled a "special town hall" meeting in Des Moines for next Thursday. Anytime a political candidate includes "special" in the title of an event it means something big: Either they've lost an election or they're entering one.

He must have come to the rightful conclusion that poverty-fighting messages don't get votes. Pandering to Cornhusker's is what gets support in the correct places.

JRE probably also realized that the switch was a good decision when a new Dem Iowa poll came out showing that he was tied with Barack Obama for the Dem lead, with Hillary well back. H is even behind Vilsack.

When asked who they would vote for if the 2008 Democratic caucuses were held today, 22 percent of Democrats named John Edwards, the former South Carolina senator and 2004 vice presidential candidate. Sen. Barack Obama, of Illinois, also was named by 22 percent of Democrats.
Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack was at 12 percent and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton was at 10 percent.

That's more good news for the "slick" Edwards. Rising poll numbers, the first major Dem to announce - in Iowa, no less - and voters that still think he's cute; life is good for the jolly Sen. Edwards.



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