Monday, December 18, 2006

2008: More Bayh

With Dem Senator Evan Bayh dropping out of the 2008 presidential race, WaPo's The Fix has a handy list of winners and losers following the announcement. The usual figures are there on the winners side, like Barack Obama (he's the anti-Hillary candidate now) and Tom Vilsack (he's the anti-Hillary and anti-Obama candidate now).

But, like PB, Cillizza at The Fix realizes that Bayh has immensely furthered his realistic political ambitions by exiting the race this early. Evan is now the top vice-presidential candidate to both Hillary and Obama. Warner is probably out of the ix after the mysterious end to his burgeoning '08 campaign and having gone AWOL from politics since then. Bayh would serve to broaden the appeal of both top Dems, with strong support among moderates in Indiana.



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