Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2008: Yet Another Democrat...

The 2008 Dem field got even more crowded yesterday with the official announcement of an '08 presidential run by lefty anti-war OH Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Unlike his dismal and self-deprecating run in 2004, DK's second go around is featuring as its main component a blistering critique of the Democratic party.

"On November 7, 2006, the American public voted for a new direction for our Iraq policy. That direction is -- out. As Democrats prepare to take the majority for the first time in twelve years, Democrats now have the responsibility to act on the overwhelming mandate issued by the American public," says the congressman. "Will that new direction mean an exit from Iraq? Because, if not, America will be held hostage by the skyrocketing cost of the war in Iraq even as President Bush leaves office at 11:59 am on January 20, 2009. And, the voters will not forget who let them down. "

Kucinich expanded on those harsh views and his apparently spontaneous decision to run in '08 in an interview done after his announcement.

Kucinich is no more than a fringe/protest candidate, trying to get his liberal and anti-war ideology out into mainstream Democratic politics. But unlike 2004, when the Dems embraced DK as a sort of mascot and likable character that could draw disillusioned far-left liberals back to the party, Dems don't want to play around with anti-war types like him. And his Dem bashing will only serve to get him out of the Dem primary and in the race as a struggling Independent. Do you think that Howard Dean will allow Kucinich to get a nationally televised pulpit to spread his gospel of Dem hypocrisy? Even if what Kucinich preaches is true, and even if he is the most genuine Dem in the race, he made a big mistake in attempting a do-over. Especially when his first effort garnered him nothing but sympathy and laughs. Even a friend of Political Buzz that worked on DK's '04 campaign is shedding a tear at the disappearance of the Congressman's credibility.

However, if he can tone down his rhetoric enough to get into the debates, he will, like '04, present a puzzling challenge for pro-warish Hillary as she tries to swat away the catcalls from war skeptics like Edwards and Obama (and Gore?). Will a sharp rebuke from DK cause Hillary to crack?


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