Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2008: Letter to Obama

Senator Obama,

You probably have never heard of Political Buzz, but as a member of the online punditocracy, I think it vital that you hear us out on this.

You have hinted that you are very close to a major decision on your presidential aspirations for 2008. You hinted this in November. You hinted this in December. And now have made your decision here in January. Good move. As an astute political observer you must now that timing is everything in the world of politics. Excellent opportunities must be jumped at and taken advantage of. After a bumbling start you appear to have come to realize that lesson and have acted upon it. Great!

But the real struggle is yet to come. It is made even more difficult by your pained decision to push off the announcement of your candidacy to the middle of this month; the month that Sen. Hillary Clinton is sure to make her first month as an official presidential candidate. That candidacy will no doubt overshadow your own (despite your blissful media image), wresting the spotlight from the major milestone that is the Obama '08 campaign. And, more importantly, wresting away the donations of the big Democratic pockets who would no doubt rather support a proven commodity like Sen. Clinton. The peak moment of Obamamania has passed, leading your recent announcement to become an anticlimactic event on the crowded stage that is the 2008 campaign.

But this can be overcome - and only through swift action. You must press Hillary's jugular immediately and lose your happy/pushover image. Yes, the public loves you as a cuddly teddy bear with a charming background story. But that won't beat Hillary. Keep your smiling visage in the public eye while at the same time you rapidly and silently trash Sen. Clinton as yesterday's news. Show that you have new ideas and a new vision of politics. Make nice with John Edwards in order to initiate a two-pronged assault on the Clinton campaign and to ensure the services of a popular Vice Presidential candidate. No doubt a golden strategy.

The bottom line,Senator Obama, is that action is needed. Get off the beach, put on a spiffy shirt and hit the trail with a vengeance. Remember your whirlwind tour before the midterms? Why not do it again?

This concludes our unsolicited - but oh, so important - advice for your newly launched 2008 campaign.

Political Buzz



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