Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2008: Will Hillary's New Tone on Iraq Work?

Hillary is getting tough on Iraq in her own cautious way by calling for a cap on US troops in Iraq. But he then blew her chance for any real jump in support from the left by calling for more troops in Afghanistan.

Appearing on network television and radio shows to discuss her recent trip to Iraq, the New York senator said she opposes President Bush's plan to increase U.S. troops in Iraq and favors redeploying troops out of Baghdad and eventually Iraq. She said she also favors conditioning economic aid to the Iraqi government's progress in meeting certain political goals.

"The Bush administration has frankly failed to put any leverage on this government," Clinton told CBS' "The Early Show." But she sidestepped questions on whether she would vote to block funding for Bush's troop increase.

On Afghanistan, Clinton called the conflict there "one of the great missed opportunities," urging an increase in U.S. troops before a likely "spring offensive" by the Taliban. "Let's focus on Afghanistan and get it right," Clinton said.

What a poor effort to trash the war. Does H really like the war? Is she closer to McCain than Obama? This veiled quasi-backing of Iraq will not get her anywhere in the Dem primary, where she's already tied with Obama in a new poll. And when will H jump in the race?

While it's true that Obama blew his golden opportunity to beat Hillary to an announcement by months, thus sending his already high buzz skyrocketing, he's okay now with H slitting her wrists on Iraq and pushing her own announcement even later. Somewhere, Dick Morris is cackling uncontrollably...


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