Thursday, January 18, 2007

2008: New Iowa Poll!

The latest poll out of Iowa shows McCain continues to trail Rudy and Hillary still unable to sway Cornhuskers.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani leads the field of GOP presidential prospects in Iowa, followed closely by Arizona Sen. John McCain, according to the latest Iowa poll from Zogby International.Meanwhile, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards remains atop his party’s field in Iowa, with the next closest presidential hopeful 10 percentage points behind.

Edwards is no doubt the surprise out of Iowa, with Obama at 10 points back being the next Dem in line. Will his populist charm really win over Iowans come caucus time? Hillary's lethargic campaign must be worried about this early deficit. In the extended election season that is now the political reality, one year is not that long. To ignore Iowa like hubby Bill appears to be her strategy, but the scene in NH is no better. Besides, wasn't it supposed to be a Hillary landslide across the country?

As for McCain, he's still trailing in IA and looks like he won't stabilize in New Hampshire, with polls there showing his support base halved by Rudy and Mitt. Look for another last stand in Carolina to be JMac's final hope.



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