Friday, January 19, 2007

2008: Edwards Update

John Edwards blew through PB country last night, stopping in Orlando for a fundraiser. Besides gobbling up some much needed campaign cash, JRE also continued his biting criticism of the Democratic party that he sees as lethargic "8-year-olds".

He was predictably unsatisfied with George W. Bush. But he also had some less-than-flattering things to say about his own party. Specifically, Edwards chastised Democratic leaders in Congress for their non-binding resolution opposing the troop build-up. If they are truly opposed to the build-up, Edwards said Democrats should put back their words with action by voting against funding measures. Because, if complaining is all the Democratic leaders want to do, Edwards asked: "Why don't we go stand in the corner and stomp our feet like an 8-year-old?"

While some--like Dick Morris--may see Edwards as the liberal downfall of the Dems and simply a more popular Dennis Kucinich, JRE is absolutely striking a chord with the Dems (that would be all of them) that are angry at the troop surge and equally angry with Hillary for sputtering a few minor catcalls at W over it.

Look for JRE's Saturday speech in Iowa to be an attempt to lock up that state for the January caucuses and legitimize his recent Dem bashing.



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