Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Buzz

The latest political headlines-

  • Dem John Edwards steals the spotlight from Hillary and Obama in a new Zogby Iowa poll. JRE has a commanding lead over BO, with Hillary even further back. Rudy is basically tied with JMac in the GOP side of the poll.

  • Rumors are piling up that Hillary will not run for president this time around - maybe never. There seems to be dozens of reasons for H to cancel her plans, with Obamamania being only the biggest. Will she really pull the plug? It's laughable that "Hardball" pundits say that she'll nix a try in '08 because she "enjoys the Senate too much", but she is stalling something fierce.

  • GOP '08 possibility Mike Huckabee will decide his presidential plans in February. Huckabee's peeps: "He has said he will make it at the end of his book tour, which is in a couple of weeks".

  • Dem Kerry is still considering an '08 run, with an announcement as to his intentions coming in a few weeks. With so much opposition to another Kerry campaign, one wonders why he would torture himself yet again unless he wants to top JMac on that issue).


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