Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hagel Smackdown

Can't help but applaud the bold moves of GOPer Chuck Hagel at that explosive Senate hearing on Iraq yesterday. Yeah, he's been at that for a few months. But this was beyond his previous rantings on the subject. This time it came with the backing of several influential GOP politicians (like Sen. Warner. Who saw that coming?) and the rest of the nation. And despite coming from conservative and troop-supporting Nebraska, his constituents are rallying behind his position.

This is one pol that the Bush administration and the right can't put down as unpatriotic and far left. Could this even be Iraq's Cronkite moment? Moderates get a healthy dose of respect from the American public these days, and Hagel fits that definition perfectly. One also has to wonder whether Chuck an ride this wave to a strong run in the '08 GOP primaries (he can't win the nomination in his current position of bashing GWB). He's still thinking about a campaign.


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