Thursday, January 25, 2007

Political Buzz News

The erratic posting schedule that regular PB readers have probably noticed over the past few days has a good reason behind it. We are in the process of greatly upgrading Political Buzz and heading off to a new web site and address. This move won't be final until at least early next week, and we won't fail to give you the correct specs for the new site before that time.

Some exciting content will make its debut on the new site, with a new email newsletter, brand new "5 Questions" interviews, and exciting opinion content in the works. This won;y be available right away, but should be up soon once we're on our new page.

In the meantime, just hang tight as we try to post when we can until the move. Thanks for reading PB, and we hope to see you at the new Political Buzz ASAP!

Matthew Parker - Editor


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