Wednesday, October 11, 2006

JMac to Hillary: "Game on"

John McCain gets ready for a presidential showdown with Hillary Clinton in '08 by making a blistering (for JMac) attack on her husband, Bill. "Her husband's administration (towards North Korea)...was a failure," said McCain at a campaign stop for a GOP House candidate yesterday. Here's some video. The comments were ostensibly about Bill's NK policy, but that wasn't who or what they were really directed at. It was all about McCain against Hillary in 2008.

This comes after several chummy (and photogenic) moments with Hillary earlier this year and last, when they were working on various pieces of Senate legislation together.

Is this how a McCain vs. Hillary match up will look like (the bashing, not the photo)? It never seemed that JMac really liked Hillary all that much, so I could see more cat fights between the two in '08. The whole "bipartisan" thing with Hillary was just another way for JMac "the maverick" to try and gain support. That didn't work, so now he can bash B&H, thereby scoring big points with the right-wing GOP-types.

Condi Rice was also sniping at the Clinton administration yesterday.


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