Friday, October 06, 2006

Foley Fallout: The Democrats - An Analysis

The Democrats are hitting Republicans hard on the Foley scandal, with harsh words in the Dems Saturday rebuttal to Pres. Bush's Radio Address. Dem Congressional candidate Patty Wetterling will deliver the response, parts of which were released today.

"We need to stop the sexual exploitation of children across the country, and in Washington we must hold accountable all those complicit in allowing this victimization to happen," Democratic congressional candidate Patty Wetterling said in excerpts of her party's Saturday radio address released on Friday."

"Foley sent obvious predatory signals, received loud and clear by members of congressional leadership, who swept them under the rug to protect their political power."

Meanwhile, conservative politicians and media outlets continue to blame the Democrats of starting the scandal or even "covering up" for Foley even while they are slamming the GOP for their role in the affair. That accusation is rather absurd, but it does show the extreme risks the Dems are taking when they attack Republicans on this issue. With polls showing that voters are angry at all Republicans after the scandal and leaning heavily toward the Dems anyhow, their best bet is to lay low and simply keep the pressure on GOP leaders to reveal what they knew about the scandal before it went public. Getting nasty will not help.


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