Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Quick Hits

  • A hypothetical right-wing conservative Jesus Christ writes a scathing letter to Hillary Clinton. You have to see this to believe it...

  • GOPer Charlie Crist has the race for Governor of Florida all but wrapped up. In the latest poll on the race Crist leads Jim Davis by 10 points. The Foley scandal is clearly not affecting state races, even in Foley's home state.

  • Mitt Romney may struggle to be accepted by conservative GOP voters if he does indeed run for president in '08. Right wing evangelicals are "appalled" by Romney being a Mormon, a faith that they consider to be a "Christian cult group". That will be his downfall in '08. If he were a Democrat he might have a shot, but no good Christian conservative will vote for a "cult" member. Mitt's barking up the wrong tree.


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