Sunday, October 08, 2006

New election poll and more GOP troubles

A new poll out from Newsweek continues to show bad news for Republicans heading into the mid-term's, now less than a month away. It has Democrats leading the GOP 51% to 39% in who voters would rather cast their ballots for on 11/7. As the article says, the GOP was struggling before the Foley scandal broke, but it's clear that that bombshell is what has blown the GOP's chances of retaining control of Congress. It's a cumulative effect: voters who were already weary of Iraq and D.C. scandals but who were still undecided were given a reason not to vote GOP in November.

Chris Cillizza has more bad news for the GOP on his WPost blog. He looks at some of the incredibly close Senate races (maybe even leaning Dem), a few in the south. We all know about George Allen in Va., but Tennessee has a nailbiter as well. There was a good debate in that Senate race last night. Dem Harold Ford came off the clear winner in that one. The GOP losing in the south? That's bad.

Cillizza details all of the close Senate races (and they all look spiffy for the Dems) in that article. It's a good read, so check it out.

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