Thursday, October 12, 2006

BREAKING Mark Warner will not run in 2008

Sources in the Democratic Party have confirmed that Mark Warner will not run for president in 2008. He is scheduled to issue a statement concerning his decision at 11 AM today. Now the question is why won't Warner run? He had been gaining momentum throughout the last few months, making high-profile trips to Iowa, making the publicity-grabbing appearance on the virtual reality site "Second Life", and even campaigning for FL Governor candidate Jim Davis.

Is there some sort of scandal involving Warner that was on the verge of breaking? Did he come to terms with the Dem juggernaut that is Hillary Clinton and decide to back off and support her? Is he angling for serious consideration as her Veep selection? The latter seems the most likely. Warner probably realized that he would have no real chance of getting the nomination and that he would have more influence on the race if he left it early and fled to Hillary thereby gaining points for a possible Veep slot with her. We'll see after 11.


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