Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pat Buchanan on Al Gore

Pat Buchanan gives his take on an Al Gore campaign in 2008.

When Gore said in Australia he did not rule out running, he was careful to add, "but I don't expect to." Which is understandable. Gore has a good life, fame and fortune, and the possibility of being called to serve in high office in any future Democratic administration.

But he can also see -- indeed the numbers says so -- that there is a path to the nomination, and the presidency, narrow though it may be, that has opened up for him. And it will be open for only a few months before it closes again, forever.

Al vs. Hillary. The Gores demanding that the Clintons, who once put them a heartbeat away from the presidency, stand aside, because it is Al's turn, not Hillary's. How would Bill and Hillary deal with that?


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