Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Jim Davis apology

FL Governor candidate Jim Davis apologized today for his "mistake" of voting against restitution for two black men, Freddie Pitts and Wilber Lee, wrongfully convicted in 1993. Davis did so with the two men right beside him.

With Freddie Pitts and Wilbert Lee at his side, Jim Davis apologized Tuesday for his 1990 vote to deny restitution to the wrongfully convicted men.
"I made a mistake,"Davis said during a 1 p.m. news conference at the Carrie Meek center in Miami. "If you're looking for the perfect candidate, it's not me."

That smacks of a political stunt, but at least Pitts and Lee dthink thinl so.

Said Lee: "It takes a good person to stand up and admit he made a mistake."

Will the apology put this issue behind him? The Charlie Crist campaign has been able to belittle Davis for the vote, all the while threatening someull soke black votes away from the Dem. After this, the '93 vote issue may be dead.


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