Friday, September 08, 2006

Quick Hits

  • Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack appears to be getting serious in preparation for his '08 presidential bid. He's hosting a barbecue picnic at his house this weekend, where many big-name supporters will gather. Interesting...

  • The buzz surrounding a possible 2008 run for Rudy Giuliani is getting louder. The recent poll from CNN showing Rudy tops among GOPers in '08 and the upcoming 5th anniversary of 9/11 are fueling that buzz. If Rudy can sustain this wave of popularity until after the November election, at which time he says he will decide whether to run, he will be the huge favorite in the race. That is, he will be if Newt Gingrich doesn't steal Rudy's thunder.

  • Not yet cleat what kind of political effect the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on there being no ties between Saddam and Al-Qaeda will have. Any effect will probably be negated by the emotion surrounding the 9/11 anniversary.


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