Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chafee/Laffey update

Incumbent Lincoln Chafee has a 10-point lead over challenger Steve Laffey with only 3% of votes counted in the big GOP primary race in Rhode Island. The results are slow to come in, so it will be some time before a winner is known. Hotline is reporting that Steve Laffey campaign workers are predicting victory for Laffey after they met their voter targets for turnout.

Steve Laffey's campaign aides will be stunned if they lose. Campaign sources say they hit all their target numbers in every targeted precinct etc, assuming a turnout of 50 to 55k voters.
These are just targeting predictors, not vote counts, so anything can happen, but everything has gone as planned for their turnout operation.

Meanwhile, Chafee and supporters are partying in Providence.

Will the outcome of this race really determine which party controls the Senate in November? Probably. Which is why Karl Rove and the GOP brass are pouring money and attack ads into RI to help Chafee.

For constantly updated results, head to The Hotline. If you're thinking of checking out the Rhode Island Div. of Elections page, don't do it. No updates at all.


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