Monday, September 11, 2006

McCain Update

John McCain hit the campaign trail yesterday, not for himself but for a fellow GOPer running in California. While there McCain made a bevy of comments that were very interesting. JMac criticized the American public (and voters) of being schizophrenic in regards to the war in Iraq.

"Americans are really kind of schizophrenic about this issue," Mr. McCain said just prior to a fund-raising lunch for Rep. Dan Lungren, a Republican of California. "They're frustrated, and they want us to get out, but if we ask the American people if we should set a certain date or a calendar, they agree with the president, and with me..."

McCain also questioned Bush administration policy of "special interrogations" for terrorists.

"I do know that many times when you physically torture someone, they'll just tell you whatever they think you want to know in order to stop the pain," the Arizona Republican said. "I know that the Israelis have prohibited torture..."

McCain went on to say that therehade been "serious mistakes" in the way the Iraq war had been carried out, but didn't go deeper than that.


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