Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006: Montana And The Senate

It now appears that the Burns vs. Tester race in Montana will be the key to who controls the Senate. Allen is about to concede in VA, so the nail biter in MT is all that's left. If Dem Tester wins, the Democrats control the Senate. With the high stakes in that race, it's not going to be over for a long time. The GOP is not about to let the Senate go without plenty of lawyer action. But will it turn into Florida 2000? It's control of the Senate, so a nasty fight is probable.

Incidentally, Harry Reid is jubilant over the comeback his Dems have made in the battle for Senate control. He has good reason to after the Dems turned their early evening horrors into early morning success. Not sure if HR will actually lead anything in the Senate, however. Let's hope he'll save his victory speeches until after the MT race is decided.


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