Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election 2006: 8:30 Update

Lots of good news for Democrats coming in at 8PM. Webb takes the lead in Virginia, Patrick and Strickland win governorships, and some GOP incumbents look like they’re going down in Kentucky and Indiana.

What to take from these early returns? A very mixed bag. While Dems are really slamming several Republicans in several races and Webb is looking good in VA, other Democrats are dead in their attempts to unseat some big-name GOP incumbents like Sodrel and Pence in Indiana. Yet Chocola, Hostettler and Northup are all nearly done. If this election wasn’t looking like an all-out nail biter before, it sure appears that way now. Will this even be decided by the morning? It certainly won’t be final when the big guns of the MSM go on at 10PM. Katie may have to bring in a cot or something.


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