Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Big Day

This is it; 11/7. This is the day when the blabbering from the punditocracy ends and the democratic process takes over. No more attack ads and dozens of pathetic phone calls from crappy candidates. Now there's just endless litigation to look forward to. That's nice.

But which way will the lawsuits be directed? At the Dems or Republicans? For all of the predictions and endless chatter over each party's election prospects, this one is simply too close to call. Yes, the Dems appear to be in control according to several polls but other polls show a GOP rally. And while the Senate appears safe for Republicans, southern Dems have been pushing hard in the final days. The entire thing is really just a toss-up.

But PB feels an obligation to give the people what they want: More predictions!

SENATE: The three big Senate races ( Tester vs. Burns, Webb vs. Allen, Ford vs. Corker ) have been all over the place during the last month or so. While the Dems appear to have already defeated Burn thanks to early voting in Montana, there is a chance that loads of conservative MTers may not want to take a chance on Tester and flock to Conrad in the end. The same goes for the other southern races. White southern conservatives may not want to actually go through with voting Democrat (especially in Tennessee, where it's a black Dem).
PREDICTION: Dems pick up 3-5 seats (Schumer was right), not enough for a Senate takeover. Speaking of Chuck Schumer; PB predicts that he will be spotted near either a rehab clinic or a tall bridge a few days after the Dem defeat.

HOUSE: A much tougher call. There are so many races involved in here that it becomes very hard to track them all. Some surprising pick-ups in Florida by the Dems could be a precursor to a better showing than expected nationwide. But nobody's talking about 40+ seats anymore. Lots of seats are heading back to leaning GOP. House races, despite the efforts of Democrats, will still be more localized than anything else. But that may hurt the GOP in some races (i.e. Indiana).
PREDICTION: The House will be close at first, perhaps even looking like a Republican stunner for a few hours. But it should be clear that the Dems will pull off a squeaker around 2-4 AM.

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