Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Midterm Poll: Dems Lead Shrinking

The new ABC/Washington Post poll gives Democrats a 10-point lead over Republicans with only days remaining in the race. But that is a lead that has been falling over time, with support eroding from moderate GOPers and independents.

This is not where Democrats wanted to be days before the election. They needed to keep their momentum going and, if not build their lead, at least hold their poll numbers steady. Voters might be sensing the gravity of the situation for the GOP and are wary of change. PB has predicted a big shift in the polls all along. Now the question is, is this it? It's very easy to follow the MSM (and even Republicans themselves) and just bury the GOP, but that's a no-no when they have big cash and the mind of Karl Rove.

Look for Saddam's death sentence to be played up big-time by the GOP on the talk shows this morning and on the trail tomorrow. Maybe they'll even roll out a new ad with an image of Saddam swinging from a noose. "We hung the for us"


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