Sunday, October 29, 2006

Political Buzz On The Midterms

With PB out of commission until Saturday, here are the latest trends in the hottest races and what those trends mean. Sunday will be the day PB posts our predictions for all of the big races.

  • Tenn. Senate: Ford vs. Corker: Dem Ford still has a surprising amount of support for a Dem running in a southern state, but Corker has the momentum. This nasty ads that he and the RNC ran against Ford really worked well. The polls are giving Corker a 5-10% lead over ford, so Corker probably has this in the bag. Trending: Corker

  • Montana Senate: Tester vs. Burns: Incumbent GOPer Conrad Burns has been constantly zinged by controversy, from his Abramoff ties to his "illegal little Guatemalan man" comments. Dem Tester is more friendly and much more popular. Trending: Tester

  • Ohio Senate: Brown vs. DeWine: A close race in one of the most important states in this year's midterms. No real controversy in this race. It's just the standard anger with the GOP. That give Brown a slight edge, although DeWine is still very close. A shocker could happen on 11/7. Trending: Brown

  • CT Senate: Lieberman vs. Lamont vs. Schlesinger: A full race. Lieberman's double-digit leads in the polls have yet to evaporate, so he should be fine. His immense GOP voter support has been the key. Trending: Lieberman

  • Congress: Dem vs. GOP: This is what really matters; the overall picture. While Democrats were breathing easy after the constant stumbling in late September/early October by Republicans, Dems haven't really seal the deal. They stayed quiet for far too long after the Foley scandal died down, and have yet to offer any real policies they would implement. Republicans are fighting hard and making up ground very quickly. Trending: Republican


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