Friday, October 27, 2006

Obama Fever

The Barack Obama phenomenon has gained big-time momentum after his "I'll think about 2008" blurb on MTP. Yesterday he campaigned for Maria Cantwell in Washington, setting off raucous reactions from the thronging crowd.

"I think he's very personable and very charismatic and very intelligent, someone I'd want to be a leader for my country,"

"I'm very impressed and I hope he runs for president,"

A new Fox News poll shows Obama tied with John McCain in a hypothetical 2008 match up; something Hillary has yet to do. Even a Hillary-Obama ticket fails to beat a GOP challenger.

What sort of shake up will these number bring about if they freeze like this through '07? Will the Dem brass (especially Hillary-hater Howard Dean) attempt to push Hillary to the side in favor of Obama? Why not? Hillary won't gain more supporters until she drops her icy image, something that doesn't appear likely. And she will never accept such an affront to her perceived dignity as a Veep slot for BO. Some are actually touting John Kerry as the "perfect" Veep for Obama.


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