Monday, October 23, 2006

Obama Starts His Presidential Run. How About Hillary?

In a bombshell interview on "Meet the Press" yesterday, the star of the Democratic party intimated that he is definitely "thinking" about running for president in '08, but won't make his decision until after this election.

Russert asked Obama if it was "fair to say'' he was "thinking'' about a 2008 White House bid.
"It's fair, yes," Obama replied.

GOP conservatives are already getting hot-and-bothered over a run by the "liberal" Obama, which clearly shows that h is feared by the right. They have every reason to be afraid of Barack. He is adored by the media (not because he's liberal, because he's a perfect story and the perfect anti-Hillary), has Hillary-esque fundraising ability, and is idolized by Dems of every stripe. A run by Obama wouldn't be as easy (or as fun) to combat as Hillary 2008 for the GOP. Whereas the Republicans have filed away every item from Hillary's past to unleash upon her come '08, Obama is fresh, actually friendly, and exudes an air of bipartisanship.

What effect will Obama's campaign have on the primary scene in '08? A big one. Hillary and Obama become the two-headed juggernaut of the Dems, basically relegating all other quasi-candidates to playing for Veep. That includes the delusional John Kerry, even though he is still all smiles about his chances, who welcomes the entrance of Barack into the race.

"If he thinks he's ready to run for president and wants to run, and I've made a decision, we'll go out there and have a great contest," said Kerry, who said he'll decide whether to run sometime after the midterm elections.

"A great contest"? Kerry needs to get in the real world. He's done.

The only shake-up that is still a possibility is if Hillary decides not to run in 2008. Yes, that would be insane, but it is a possibility. She has yet to make firm statements (unlike Kerry and Obama) about her prospects for '08 and may be pressured by the Dem brass to step aside if Obama gets close to her in the polls and campaigns well enough. Besides, Obama is essentially a Clinton clone in his politics, so that's no problem. B&H might even tutor the fresh-faced Obama as he begins his presidential run. Or maybe it will be Veep Hillary to President Obama? Not likely, but it is plausible.


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