Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pelosi Profile

The Washington Post has a fairly glowing article on would-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

An example:

"...if the Democrats win, experts say, much credit is due this 66-year-old woman, whose notable fundraising abilities (she raised $50 million this election cycle) and scorched-earth strategy of refusing to negotiate with the GOP have put her on track to become the first woman to be speaker of the House.

Dismissed by her critics as too liberal, too elitist and too lacking in gravitas, Pelosi, serving her 10th term, has proved to be a tough-minded tactician who has led her caucus from the political center and kept the fractious House Democrats in line. "

The right-wing blogosphere is not enjoying Pelosi's "free ride" from the media, or their continuous talk of her as "Speaker Pelosi?". Well, she will be Speaker Pelosi in a few weeks, so they might want to get used to that.

Some on the right are even trying to cook up a scandal involving Pelosi employing illegal immigrants. "... it is a near certainty that part of her and her husband’s wealth is derived from illegal immigrant labor. Their vineyards use non-union labor to pick grapes..." !!??

Like PB has said before; if the GOPers want a Dem scandal to trumpet, focus on Bill Jefferson (!!!, not on Nancy Pelosi's vineyards.


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