Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When isn't there bad news for the GOP?

Man, what a bad week for Republicans. First they get hammered in fundraising numbers in key House races. And now a new NBC/WSJ poll shows absolutely horrid numbers for all GOPers - including President Bush, whose approval rating continues to be mired in the 30's (38%). What is more troubling for Republicans are their dismal approval numbers and how they are viewed by voters.

"...only 16 percent now approve of the job Congress is doing -- its lowest mark since 1992."

"What's more, in this latest poll, just 32 percent of respondents see the Republican Party in a positive light, while 49 percent view it negatively. Those are the party's worst marks in the history of the poll. In contrast, voters -- by a 37-35 percent margin -- view the Democratic Party positively."

This isn't about anger toward all politicians in D.C., although those Dem numbers aren't great. This is pure distrust and disappointment with Republicans - and voters are apparently prepared to take it out on the GOP come November.

However, Republican leaders aren't panicking.

"It is a Republican Congress we will have after the midterm elections," Rep. Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said Wednesday.

A bit of calm stoicism in the face of adversity is good, but this isn't simple adversity. This is a veritable meltdown. How will the GOP brass react if these numbers don't change and it's 11/6? This isn't a problem that they can just throw cash at. Maybe Reynolds and the NRCC can bribe some hot former Congressional page to IM Nancy Pelosi? You know, just to see what happens...


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