Friday, October 13, 2006

Kerry on offense

John Kerry paid a visit to New Hampshire today, slamming Republicans on the war in Iraq and the Foley scandal. He had some tough words for his friends in the GOP.

"They tell us we're making progress in Iraq and that there is no civil war. That is a lie," Kerry, D-Mass., said in remarks prepared for delivery at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's annual fall fundraising dinner. "There is a civil war and it is costing American and Iraqi lives every single day, and we must change course in Iraq."

"This issue is here because of a Republican cover-up," he said. "And those from the party that preaches moral values that covered this up have no right to preach moral values anymore."

Does Kerry sense a small opening now that Mark Warner has bowed out? He's had some harsh comments for GOPers before, but he seems to be keeping that up. Kerry could be presenting himself as the viable angry left-wing candidate in '08, up against the centrist Hillary.


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