Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nixon, Reagan...Kerry?

John Kerry, "haunted" by the failures of his '04 campaign, is getting his '08 presidential run into high gear. He's traversing New Hampshire again, trying to cook up some of that '04 primary magic that vaulted him into the Dem nomination. He's been to Iowa dozens upon dozens of times in the last two years. And now he's making excuses as to why he's running again.

" Ronald Reagan twice unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination for president before he got it and won two elections for the White House, Kerry said.

"John McCain, their leading candidate -- didn't he get kicked around South Carolina by the same president because he wasn't patriotic enough as a prisoner of war? He's now their leading candidate for president," Kerry said of the Republican Party.

"Richard Nixon seemed to get kicked around pretty badly both running for president and governor, turned around and came back and got elected president," he added. "

But they weren't running against the juggernaut that is Hllary.


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