Thursday, October 19, 2006

Newt Gingrich: "Savior Of Conservatives"?

Some on the right see Newt Gingrich as the "savior of conservatives" in the 2008 election. Not necessarily a presidential candidate, but just a big-time right-wing voice to guide the listless GOP through the uber-important presidential race in '08.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is quietly jockeying into position for a comeback as the head of the Republican Party as early as 2008.

Gingrich does not plan to run for president, but intends "to be available as the savior of conservatives dismayed by candidates who seek to move the party to the left in the aftermath of George W. Bush’s presidency,” according to Insight on the News, a Web site affiliated with the Washington Times.

"I believe that whatever the results of the November elections, Newt will become a major force in the GOP for 2008," a senior Republican Party strategist said.

Of course Newt is shying away from talking about a '08 run; all prospective presidential candidates say they aren't running until the day they launch thier bid. There is no doubt that Gingrich will seriously consider a 2008 campaign. His great poll numbers (4th, including Condi Rice) are a sign that conservative Republicans are looking for the outspoken and media savvy (Now) activist that Newt is. He is the GOP's Bill Clinton-esque figure - that larger-than-life guy that fires up the base and gets good TV ratings.


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