Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hillary-Obama? No. Obama-Hillary? Hmmm...

Talk of a dream Dem ticket of Hillary-Obama is circulating throughout the web, most of it from Democrats desperate for a win in '08. This chatter continues despite the clear intentions of Barack to challenge Hillary in the Dem primaries.

Hillary Rosen at HuffPo writes that Obama is no threat to Hillary Clinton in a 2008 Presidential run.
"Yet Hillary's detractors see her as too liberal, too fresh, too ambitious --- too unelectable. Next to Obama you can't help but think she looks a downright conventional choice."

I see Obama as a centrist, not a liberal. I see Hillary Clinton as a centrist.

Wouldn't that be a close to perfect pairing for 2008, the two centrists, a female and an African-American?

Sure, there could be a Kerry-Edwards moment in '08, with Hillary picking her closest competitor for the nomination as her Veep after she wins, but that may not happen again after the stilted affair that was the K-E train wreck in '04.

At first glance, the H-B ticket seems natural, for all the reasons laid out in the above-mentioned TalkLeft post. But Obama is ambitious and may prefer to boost his Senate resume and prepare for '12 if Hillary loses or '16 if she wins. Obama has that kind of longevity.

Besides, why should Obama set himself up for a Veep slot when he could very well win? His feverish campaigning this election season and rock star-like reactions from Dems show that he is hot RIGHT NOW. If Hillary can't change her icy image makes even the slightest blunder, Obama grabs the nomination. And then what. Does Hillary get the Veep slot?

But Obama's prodigy status may cost him support among some Dems. Ha ha ha...


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