Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006: Senate Shift

The overnight hours brought a surprising turnaround for Democrats in the three most important Senate races of the night. Claire McCaskill won in Missouri, Jim Webb declared victory in Virgina, and Jon Tester has the win all but wrapped up in Montana. All very good news for Dems, with the Senate changing hands if they can hold on in VA and MT.

So now VA becomes the focus of this election. Webb has claimed victory, but Allen has yet to concede. A recount is sure to come in that race, drawing out the final result for weeks. But a bevy of votes could yet come in for either Allen or Webb, with this race the most wild of the night. The lead changes were too numerous to count.

Overall, the Dems have pulled off a solid victory, They've regained the House, are extremely close to getting the Senate and have generally given Republicans a drubbing. The GOP will be on their back for awhile after this, desperately waiting for 2008.


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