Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election 2006: Allen To Concede

George Allen is set to concede to Jim Webb in their close Senate battle at 3 PM. Allen's deficit is actually growing, leading him and his posse (including entertainingly naive Ed Gillespie) to give it up. Pres. Bush's decision to axe Rumsfeld was - besides an attention grabbing ploy - a direct sign from the White House to Allen that they wanted him to go down with no recount fight.

"Macaca" Allen is really dead. Wow. It's really amazing what huge consequences one (major) gaffe caught on tape at a rural VA shindig will have. It destroyed the political career of an up-and-coming '08 GOP contender and has given the Senate to the Dems. Too bad Allen and Co. couldn't get that video camera before "macaca" left the event.


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