Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006: Rumsfeld's "Resignation"

What does the Rumsfeld "resignation" (W pushed him out. That resignation letter has been signed since 2000) really mean? Although the Dems are happy about it the move is surely not an early show of bipartisanship from the Bush administration.

And no matter how much Dems want to crow about Rummy being the first BA casualty of the Dems ( Harry Reid: "If the vote of last night from all over America didn't accomplish anything but this, it was a good night." ), this was not caused by the new blue power. Well, not directly. This was all about W wanting to control the balance of power in DC after the Dem sweep. The move keeps Dems on their toes and robs them of any rallying point that they could use in the early going of their Congressional power.


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