Monday, September 18, 2006

McCain gets ripped

John McCain, in New Hampshire for his constantly moving presidential campaign, got shredded for blocking Pres. Bush's attempt to change the Geneva Conventions in his favor. The right-wing Manchester Union-Leader and 2008 opponent Mitt Romney fairly blasted McCain for his wavering support of Bush.

"I am foursquare behind the president on this," Mr. Romney said. "I believe that we should do everything possible to support those people at the front line who are responsible for enforcing the war on terrorism."

Asked if this was his sharpest difference with Mr. McCain, Mr. Romney said: "No. There are a number of things. We have different views on McCain-Feingold, differing views on immigration policy, differing views on the interrogation of terrorists. There are also many other areas where we see eye to eye."

McCain desperately tried to play down the issue, but a slight air of iciness with Bush and the White House came through in some statements.

"There is no acrimony with the White House," Mr. McCain said. "I certainly consider him a friend. And I hope he considers me as one. We just have a disagreement."

Will this allow McCain to reclaim his maverick status, or will it only exacerbate his slide in the polls?


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