Saturday, September 16, 2006

Edwards helps Davis

2008 presidential hopeful John Edwards paid a visit to Florida yesterday, campaigning for Gov. candidate Jim Davis - and himself. The scene in Miami seemed to be right out of the '04 Kerry-Edwards campaign.

With Bruce Springsteen's The Rising blaring over the loudspeakers, Edwards, Davis and his running mate, former state Sen. Daryl Jones, walked into an ebullient crowd of 150 supporters at Miami-Dade College in downtown Miami.

"These are two men who I think represent the best of Florida, the best of America," Edwards said. "Two men who show strength together, what's possible. I look at them, and I see hope and potential."

The Davis campaign has many campaign staffers that have worked for Edwards in the past, and Davis is politically similar to Edwards as well. Edwards is no doubt playing up his ties to Davis and Florida in preparation for his '08 run. Can JE position himself as the Florida candidate? It won't make much difference if he doesn't make it out of the primaries.


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