Saturday, September 16, 2006

Is Barack Obama too popular?

Some worry that he is.

If there's any cloud over U.S. Sen. Barack Obama's seemingly charmed political life, it may be that one.

With national political pundits now using words such as "messiah" in connection with the Chicago Democrat - and one former campaign opponent calling on him to run for president - some say he could ultimately be rising so fast and high in the American consciousness that he may end up with nowhere to go but down.

But what would happen to Obama to make him take a fall? He seems to have a squeaky clean record and background. The only political worry he has is whether the anti-war left gets angry over his Kerry-esque position on Iraq, Iran, and the war on terror.

An Obama presidential run is still highly unlikely, as the Dems want a seasoned campaigner to head the ticket in '08. A Veep post is probable, though maybe not with Hillary Clinton.

Yes, a Hillary-Barack ticket in '08 seemed inevitable to PB at first. But now, after reflecting on that possibility, it appears to be a no-go.

Why? Hillary's a woman, and Obama's black. And they are Democrats. Those traits won't do well in a general election, especially when Rovian Republicans will surely shred the Dems to pieces for it. A white moderate will be selected to balance Hillary out. Obama will have to settle for John Edwards.

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