Sunday, September 24, 2006

POLITICAL BUZZ EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Congresswoman Katherine Harris.

To inaugurate our new interview series, Political Buzz sat down for an exclusive telephone interview with Republican candidate for Senator, Congresswoman Katherine Harris. The interview covers everything that you want to know: Congresswoman Harris's views on Iraq, her comments on the new ethics troubles plaguing her campaign, her controversial comments on religion, and the latest burst of Republican support for her Senate campaign.

Click here for the complete transcript of our interview with Congresswoman Harris.

Complete audio of the interview will be posted shortly.

Here are some excerpts of PB's exclusive interview with Congresswoman Harris:

On Iraq -
"We can cut and run, we can tell the terrorists the day we’re gonna pull out, or we can stand and fight to make sure we are far safer here at home. When we’re capturing and killing terrorists on their own soil and not our own.

That’s really not hyperbole when we go we don’t wanna fight these terrorists in our own neighborhoods cause just a few miles away from where I live Mohammad Atta is trying to fly planes into buildings, not to land them. So it’s really important to try to assist the Iraqi’s as they complete their quest for liberty and freedom. That’s certainly important, that beacon of light in the Middle East.

But most importantly to be and my constituents throughout the state is that were safe. And that’s the most important thing I can do in Congress is to make sure were safe, give our troops everything they require, and to help the Iraqi’s secure their country. To make sure that were safer here."

On her Congressional campaigns receiving money from Rep. Bob Ney's PAC -
"We have always donated those contributions to charity. However he has not contributed to our US senate race. We’re looking into that, he contributed to our congressional races. However Bill Nelson has received tens of thousands of dollars from those who have been convicted and gone to prison and has never reimbursed those funds, ever. And we have made it a practice to do that every single time. We are in a different cycle. We are looking into that."

On her controversial statements on religion -
"So many of my comments weren’t taken in the context that they were given. I was speaking to a group of, church, a church. Which largely we have been intimidated into thinking there is a separation of church and state such that those attending in church shouldn’t be involved in politics. And it’s quite the opposite. support of Israel goes unquestioned and I always think how important it is to advocate for our Judeo Christian ethics and values and those of our founding fathers.

Click here for the complete transcript of the interview.

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